Join The $5 Jewelry Fundraiser Party for The Malouf Foundation!


As a mother and fellow human being, I strongly support this foundations' mission and am hoping to raise some money to donate. I'll be promoting and running this all month long. You must use this link to place your orders so they are counted towards the fundraiser.

What is donated? 50% of the profit from every piece purchased through this link will be donated to the foundation. I have a goal of $200 dollars! Can we hit it?

 Click here to Join The Malouf Foundation Fundraiser Party!

The Malouf Foundation exists to confront child sexual exploitation, specifically sex trafficking and online abuse. They fulfill their mission by providing education, promoting healing, and ensuring justice for survivors. The Malouf Foundation™ partners with industry experts & survivor leaders to educate the public and increase survivor identification. They collaborate with healthcare providers and other specialists to help survivors heal and take their lives back. They also work with law enforcement and government officials to improve prosecution processes so perpetrators are held accountable.

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